Austin (austindontknow) wrote in colorofclarity,


My name is Austin.
I'm 16, from Wisconsin.
I was searching for people that liked Yume Bitsu and this community came up.
What kind of music does Clarity play?
Like what are some bands that sound like them or whatnot.
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clarity cannot be classified. they everything to everyone, and more than that to those special someones.

they're also quite fond of tea.
and of burritos.
most bands who like burritos and space.
what a glorious mix.
space tatti.
ha! i was going to say burritos, but opted for tea instead.

isn't clarity what you fucking need? that's what i thought they are.
Check out these Asian-on-white (Asian guys fucking white girls) porn sites.
Not yet online (
And god knows how many more.