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A band called Clarity's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A band called Clarity

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Hello. [26 Jun 2002|03:12pm]

My name is Austin.
I'm 16, from Wisconsin.
I was searching for people that liked Yume Bitsu and this community came up.
What kind of music does Clarity play?
Like what are some bands that sound like them or whatnot.
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Thought this might be of interest [21 Jun 2002|08:46am]

[ mood | predatory ]


It's all of like 5 minutes old.

I baked it myself.

Cool Beans.

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Just like I said I would [29 Apr 2002|09:40pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Clarity has been dispersed among the masses.

Well, atleast to Nathan, Cody, and Benny.

More to come. I promise!

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[27 Apr 2002|08:58am]

[ mood | bored ]

I need some new Clarity mp3s, guys.

Come on.

Come online and send them to me!

I've been waiting forvever for these.

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[12 Apr 2002|11:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

You guys looked very nifty tonight.

Hope you're having fun!

I must hear about it when you return.

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CLARITY SHOWS! [30 Mar 2002|02:45pm]


...will be playing a FREE ALL AGES show at Caffiends, Wednesday the 3rd, 8:15pm (Located downtown 6th and Broadway)...

...at Scolari's Office on the 12th, 8:ish (3936 30th Street)...

..and DreamStreet on the 20th, $5, Shows at 9pm (2228 Bacon St)
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CLARITY SHOW! [25 Feb 2002|10:36pm]

Clarity will be performing on March 6th @ Dreastreet in Ocean Beach, CA.
Show starts at 8:00 with 3 other bands. Cover is $5.
Be 21 or over and you will get in.

Sorry. We'll have an all ages show soon.
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[28 Jan 2002|01:34pm]

I've been up for 26 hours.
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[28 Jan 2002|12:21pm]

[ mood | awake ]

how'd the recording go guys?

i can't wait to hear it!

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[16 Jan 2002|06:50pm]

Sorry guys, that was a mistake...
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[13 Jan 2002|01:04pm]

A Digeree Doo GUY!
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[07 Jan 2002|11:58am]

Ok. So work has been started on the new and improved Clarity website. And it is hopefully to be released on the same day our recordings are done. Which should be some time at the end of this month.

Songs being recorded:
To Depart The Game Is Won
Ahurani (Recollect)
Three Grey Coloumns

Hope to see you all on the other side of this month.
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[03 Jan 2002|01:07pm]

Three Gray Columns

I remember chasing you through days like we were lovers.
In december, I wonder if we ever were each other's.

You're there beside me. There's nothing but the empty air beside me.
It does not warm me, it does not comfort me that you're alone.

I can't see with the sun in my eyes, so I look to the west and I bury my thoughts of you.

In the fountain, a small bird flits among the three gray columns.
Past the present, will the future find that you're alone?

I can't see with the sun in my eyes, so I look to the west and I bury my thoughts of you.

Who would desert you?
(false promise, three columns)

I fold you like paper
and place you in my diary,
a faded page between the rest.
I close the covers.
I seal them gently
and hold you to my chest.

Who would desert you?
(false promise, three columns)

Who would desert you now?
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beatings make the fairies cry [19 Dec 2001|11:04pm]

so... i have been needing a clarity fix. i wasn't feeling it for josh fest, but if i knew it would be so long til the next one (which i couldn't go to) i would have had to go. and this one's in BFE-cajon. i need my clarity fix!! can you guys play for my 1/2 berfday party? you'll be paid in cake and punch!
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SHOW! [09 Dec 2001|02:05am]

We have a show at Plum Crazy (a bar in El Cajon). It's on east Main St. Not the Plum Crazy in PB. It's on the 19th and it's 21 and up (sorry kids). But best of all, it's free! Just buy some drinks and support the bar. I don't know what to expect from the show, or the venue, but I do know that you can expect Clarity rcokin' in their natural form.
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[03 Dec 2001|04:48pm]

[ mood | cold ]

you guys rocked last night.

I look forward to attending another Clarity show in the near future.

and next time you guys will actually show up at tea station....

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Shameless and Plug-happy. [31 Oct 2001|11:49pm]

Tomorrow is our show. Our show at the Epicentre (8450 Mira Mesa Blvd). Our show at 7:30. Our show with Cave In. Our show where we will rock people. Our show that will roll people. Our show.
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lyrics to a few of the songs... [29 Oct 2001|12:32pm]

if you'd like to read them...Collapse )
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Tonight's Practice [25 Oct 2001|01:31am]

Practice went well tonight. Shit is getting tighter. And soon we will be polished enough to knock socks off.

Set list preped. Songs timed. We are all good there.

One week till we rock agian. It's beena while (two months almost exactly.) A lot of time off. Time to get back to it all. Yay.
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[24 Oct 2001|01:01pm]


Cave In
the Icarus Line
Thursday, Nov 1st, 7:30pm
$10 @ the door, or through ticketmaster
At the Epicentre (8450 Mira Mesa Blvd)
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